In a deliberate move to target hotels, restaurants and gastro pubs, MKG Foods is expanding its selection of premium quality products.

The latest addition to this growing list is an authentic Aberdeen Angus Burger. Weighing in at a plump 170g (6oz) it is a coarse cut rather than minced 100% beef burger (with just a hint of seasoning) which looks home made and tastes better than that. The juicy texture delivers a delightful bite.

“The UK sells six times more Aberdeen Angus meat than the country produces so it was important for us to find a really authentic source of supply,” said MKG marketing manager, Philip Mayling.

“Our source is so authentic and so traceable we can even name the beast from which the meat is produced,” he added.

Aberdeen Angus burgers join other premium quality products in the MKG portfolio, including Cod Loins (the Rolls Royce of fish cuts), salmon products, top grade vegetables and convenient cook main meal centres like Lamb Shanks, Scrumpy Pork Hock and Mustard Ham Joints.

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