School foodservice supplier

With over 70 years of industry experience, we understand the importance of providing schools across the midlands with enjoyable, nutritious and affordable meals. That’s why at MKG we provide schools with an extensive range of chilled, frozen and ambient food products to select from at great prices.

We are committed to providing schools with an excellent range of food products to help school cooks create imaginative, flexible and nutritious menus in line with the school food standards initiative. We have tailored our range to ensure you can meet the guidelines of this initiative, as well as expanding our range of fruit and vegetables to ensure schools can provide three different fruits and three vegetables to children without making menus repetitive.

We believe in providing schools with affordable food products without compromising quality or nutrition, and our comprehensive product knowledge will also allow you to easily cater to students who may require specialist products due to illness or dietary restrictions.

That’s why we’re the number one foodservice supplier to schools across the Midlands.

Please call 0330 058 8888 to speak to a member of the MKG team