Care Home Foodservice Supplier

With over 70 years of foodservice experience, we combine expert knowledge with an exceptional product range to cater specifically for the care home industry. Having provided service to many care homes across the midlands for many years we can help ensure your residents get the best meals possible within the budgetary constraints of the nursing home sector. That what makes us the Midlands’ number one care home foodservice supplier.

“The service I receive from everyone at MKG is second to none. The goods are always of a very high quality, fresh, at the correct temperature, delivered on time and in a good condition. My rep is always on hand and it means so much to have someone at the end of the phone who cares and goes out of their way to help us. I would have no hesitation in recommending MKG to anyone.”

Carl Fox, Catering Manager, Ridgeway Nursing Home

Your designated Territory Sales Manager will be on hand to help you select products from our range of ambient, chilled, frozen foods and non-food products, helping you to provide a wide range of delicious meals for your residents all year round. Our comprehensive product knowledge will also allow you to easily cater for those residents who may require specialist products due to illness or dietary restrictions. As a family-run business, our personal touch makes us a great fit for the care homes industry, helping us provide the quality of service that care homes demand. We care about you, helping you care for your residents.

At MKG, we’re big believers in the power of mealtime to increase well-being. Many residents in care look forward to the social atmosphere and increased communication that occurs during and around meals. Ensuring these meals meet the nutritional requirements of all your residents will mean everyone feels the benefits of a great meal in a comfortable social setting.

We’re happy to talk through the nutritional needs of residents with your chefs. Allergen requirements and Diabetes diets continue to increase in our modern world and at MKG we’re on hand to help you provide for those with specific dietary requirements while continuing to meet their individual nutritional needs.

While all illness and allergen-related requirements are met, our area sales team understand your chefs and cooks must meet strict budgetary requirements. We work hard to deliver high-quality, nutritionally beneficial products at the best prices for you and your residents.

Visit our Care sector site to find out more about our products and services to help with your catering to elderly residents. We cover a range of topics in this site including specific health issues, new industry standards, recipes,  and more.

Please call 0330 058 8888 to speak to a member of the MKG team