Care Sector Guide

Care Sector Guide

With over 410,000 registered residents living in just over 11,000 care homes in the UK*, catering for the care sector is a huge enterprise. As the UK population continues to age and grows in size as we live longer, there will continue to be new developments to cater for. In this mini-guide to the Care Sector, we look at four key challenges facing the industry, go in-depth into the new IDDSI framework for, detail some of our favourite recipes, and look at some key products for care home catering.

As a member of the NACC, MKG works in partnership to enhance the offerings available and standards of catering to the care sector.


Catering Challenges


Our take on nutrition in care, follow healthy eating guides, and the steps you can take as a caterer to ensure your residents get the nutrients they need.


We look at the new IDDSI framework for texture modified foods and thickened liquids. Plus watch our video demonstrations and download recipes to add to your menus.



Encouraging residents to drink regularly throughout the day will ensure their hydration needs are met. We look at hydration-related illnesses and prevention in this section.