A Midlands frozen food wholesaler is backing Britain with a company car purchasing policy which encourages its staff to buy cars which have been assembled in the UK.

MKG Foods, which has bases in Aldridge (Walsall) and Nottingham, provides a delivery service to caterers throughout the West and East Midlands.

The company offers staff a ten per cent premium on their car budgets if they buy British built.

When the scheme was introduced, only ten per cent of the company fleet was made in Britain. That figure has grown to thirty per cent and is set to rise further as older cars are replaced.

“As a country we aren’t sufficiently patriotic when it comes to spending money,” said commercial manager, Andrew Jefferson.

“There is a financial payback for our company by making sure our money remains in the UK economy. We can gain no benefit from buying cars assembled in Germany or Japan.

Neither does the Government as little UK tax income is derived from imported goods. Buying foreign means we are paying tax to foreign Governments.

“A lot of our clients’ customers earn a living from the car industry and this is our way of backing Britain and saying thank you to them for their business,” he added.

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