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The Margin Maker is a tool to help work out how much your dishes cost per head. Push ‘Add Menu’ first, then enter a name into the menu box (push TAB afterwards). eg. Sunday Lunch Then add a dish to the menu by clicking ‘+ Add dish’ and type in the box. eg. Burgers. (remember to push TAB to save the menu name). Click ‘+ingredient’ to add the ingredients for each dish. eg. for Burgers, add Mince and set a price and how many servings you would get from that ingredient. Push ‘+ingredient’ to add another. eg. for Burgers, add tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, onions. Finally, set your desired Margin by grabbing and sliding the bar. Results are shown at the bottom of the Margin Maker. You can push the PDF button to save these results for later. This tool is for illustrative purposes only and MKG Foods accepts no liability for the information contained herein.

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