Top 5 Tips for a Successful Chalkboard Display

We recently caught up with chalkboard artist Neil Arms and asked him to give us five quick, simple tips for a successful chalkboard display. You may remember Neil from his involvement with last year’s MKG Extravaganza where his skills wowed the crowds and we gave away free tombstone-style boards with your menu choices on.

Chalkboards are a superb way to promote your menu and food to customers. They can include:

  • A-Frames on the pavement outside your premises to attract customers inside through to blackboards for menus
  • special themed and specific day promotions (like Mother’s Day or 2 for 1 deals)
  • table talkers for desserts and specials

Watch Neil’s top 5 tips in the following video:

Those top tips again:

1 – For internal boards, use as much information as possible
2 – For external boards, keep it simple
3 – Ensure writing is neat and consistent
4 – Don’t be too elaborate
5 – Use table talkers to upsell higher margin products

Don’t forget you can see Neil in the flesh and ask questions at the MKG Extravaganza 2014.