Supporting you during the Covid-19 emergency

Dear Customers,

I wanted to write to you directly to give specific details on our approach to Covid-19 and the steps we are taking to ensure continuity of supply.

At the moment, our operations are unaffected. We are, however, taking steps in two broad areas:


Unlike stories you are seeing in the press regarding the stock piling of goods at retail outlets, this has been absent from Foodservice demand over the last 2 weeks and continues to be. Therefore our stocks have been largely unaffected and remain at their usual market-leading level. Similarly we have had no increase in shortages or out of stocks from suppliers. Our stocking levels were already at a raised level in preparation for Brexit and we have remained at these levels.

We continue to monitor this hourly.

At the moment, we see no reason to be concerned that suppliers will be unable to fulfil demand.


Currently there is no effect to our operations.

All staff who can work from home have been asked to do so and we make sure that at least one member of staff from each department is working from home for business continuity.

However, as a Foodservice supplier there is a limit to remote working, especially when it comes to deliveries. Therefore, we are operating with new policies aimed at minimising social contact and following government guidance on social distancing. You can read more about the steps we are taking here.

As a business that celebrated 70 years last month, we are in a strong position to weather this storm with a resilient balance sheet. It is unprecedented times and like all other businesses, we are awaiting upcoming Government support announcements with interest but we will continue to work hour by hour to ensure we continue to support our customers through this war-like crisis.

As you can appreciate this is a fast-moving situation. If you want further reassurance, don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.

Please stay healthy.

Philip Mayling
Sales & Marketing Director
MKG Foods