Online ordering now available

MKG are delighted to announce our new online ordering system is now available to all customers.

This is is a convenient way to order your favourite products online.Users can also add products to a favourite list to then quickly access and order. The system has been trialled for the last six months with a select set of customers and we’re now opening it up to everyone.

Not only is it a convenient way to order products but you can also find out every product in more detail. Every product on the system displays all the nutrient, packaging, weight and sizing information supplied directly by the manufacturer. Along with this any allergens the products might have are clearly listed. You may wish to use the ordering system simply to check on the allergens for a particular set of ingredients.

online ordering system showing allergen information for a product

You can also generate a printable PDF with every possible piece of product information you could possibly need.

Check out the quick demonstration video below that shows you how it works.

Contact your account manager directly or the sales team on 0330 058 8888 to enable access for your account.