Margin Information

To work the Margin Maker, you need to build your menu with each ingredient in each dish.

Click on the margin maker on the website and then click on the Add menu button when the popup appears

Where it says “untitled menu”, you can click and change the name

Now you need to add dishes to your menu. To do so, click on the “add dish” button

Now you can give the dish a name by clicking on the “untitled dish” text and add ingredients

Now add the ingredients. You can click to give them the ingredients a name. In the box you then add the price per case for the product you buy and also how many portions you get from it.

Add as many ingredients as you need and drag the £ symbol to the required margin (e.g. 70%)

The selling price that you need for the dish is shown at the bottom right (including VAT)

MKG accepts no liability for the information displayed. All figures shown for illustrative purposes only.